Be The Change.

Made from recycled materials, our wristbands are a wearable reminder that you're not alone in our fight to make a difference.

Join us and thousands of others dedicated to be the change our world needs.

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NyGon™ Be The Change Wristband

NyGon™ Be The Change Wristband

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Reversible wristband!

Over 1 Million sea animals are killed each year due to nylon & plastic

Humans are the cause, but we can also be the change.

Our NyGon Commitment Loop is made from 100% recycled material. 

Inscribed with "Be The Change", this wristband is a personal reminder of your commitment to conservation.

15% of profits will be donated to nonprofits that ensure the survival of sea turtles and the habitat they depend on.

Get the 'Be The Change' wristband for free w/the purchase of 2 Smartwatch bands. Add wristband to your cart.

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Included - Collectible NyGon Facts Card

Each band comes with a unique fact card. Learn the interesting facts that make our ocean amazing.

Why Choose NyGon?

Wristband Details

-1x Reversible Wristband

- Woven nylon provides ultra comfort & won't cause rashes.

- Soft textured design is sweat and water-resistant.

- Easy slip-on/off solo loop design.

- Bright and colorful but also extremely durable.

Join Our Mission



The Sea Turtle Conservancy, formerly known as the Caribbean Conservation Corporation, is the world’s oldest sea turtle research and conservation group. 

It is the mission of Sea Turtle Conservancy to ensure the survival of sea turtles within the Caribbean, Atlantic, and Pacific through research, education, training, advocacy, and protection of the natural habitats upon which they depend.

NyGon is an official partner of Sea Turtle Conservancy. 10% of profits will be donated to STC for the aid and support of sea turtles.

Scan the QR code to see how you are helping sea turtles worldwide:

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Take Care

To wash, place band in small garment bag and machine wash on cold.

Let air dry.

Remember, NyGon Bands are made from fabric and will wear the same as normal clothing. if you wear the same band all day, every day, it'll wear out much sooner than if you rotate between different bands.